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Cauliflower Potato Garlic Sauce

Creamy Cauliflower Potato Sauce. Magical sauce as if mashed potatoes met cheese fondue! Made with potatoes, cauliflower, garlic, with heavy cream, and goat cheese in an instant pot. By Spice Cravings #cooking #food #recipe #recipes #foodphotography #foodblogger #yummy #delicious #foodie

This creamy cauliflower potato garlic sauce is simply magical. It’s like mashed potatoes met cheese fondue!  I steam the potatoes, cauliflower and garlic together, and add heated heavy cream, or half-and-half, with butter, tangy goat cheese, salt and pepper, and whisk it till I get a silky smooth sauce!  The addition of goat cheese adds a tanginess which cuts through the richness, and balances this sauce perfectly.  Parmesan cheese compliments the goat cheese and makes this sauce absolutely delicious.

Finally nailed it!

Years ago, at a middle eastern restaurant, I had a garlic sauce that was served with grilled chicken and lamb kebab. It was hands down, one of THE most delicious sauces I have ever had! Since then, I’ve been trying to imagine a mash-up between that garlic sauce and creamy garlic mashed potatoes. I also wanted to make this sauce lighter and healthier, so that I wouldn’t have to feel too guilty about loading up on carbs. So, I decided to do a half and half of potatoes and cauliflower. After a few ‘almost there’ attempts, I finally nailed it. Continue Reading…