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Spiced Apple Cider, Mulled Cider- Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker

Spiced Apple Cider– fresh, sweet and tart apples, cooked with sugar and warm spices like cinnamon, cloves and ginger, strained through a sieve a few times to get a warm clear cider that can warm up your soul on a cold winter night.  It’s like having apple pie… in a mug!Spiced-Apple-Cider, Mulled Cider, Instant Pot, Pressure Cooker

My kids don’t really like a whole lot of sweet beverages. But, Apple cider is an exception.  In summers, they love a sparkling apple cider, and, in winters, this is their favorite recipe to make with me. They absolutely love fresh warm Spiced Apple Cider. The big bonus is, that the day we make it, the whole house smells like a giant apple pie, who can complain about that now! Can you tell how much we like apple pie 🙂

Spiced-Apple-Cider, Mulled Cider, Instant Pot, Pressure CookerMaking this Spiced Apple Cider is a breeze, or as my kids like to say, “it’s what you get when the sweet and tart apples hang out with the warm spices”.  I use Pink Lady or Gala apples for the sweetness, and the Granny Smith apples give it a slight tart bite.  The cinnamon, cloves, and ginger give it the warmth, almost as if you were curled up by the fireplace!

It is pretty easy to double-up this recipe and make it in large batches, which makes it perfect for serving during big get-togethers.

I used to make this Spiced Apple Cider on the stove-top till I got my electric pressure cooker, Instant Pot.  The great part about making it in the Instant Pot is that you can keep it warm for your guests by turning on the ‘Keep Warm’ mode.

Spiced-Apple-Cider, Mulled Cider, Instant Pot, Pressure CookerSmart tip: Don’t discard the pulp you get after straining the cider for the second time. We use that pulp to make Apple Spice Pancakes or in a Apple Spice cake and the flavors are amazing. You see how this recipe is quite a win-win! Try it- this may become your favorite family holiday beverage to make- it is ours for sure!

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