Spice Cravings started as an online recipe book for my kids-  to empower them with one of the essential life skills- COOKING! When my kids expressed interest in learning how to make foods they love to eat, we looked through countless books, blogs and videos in search of simple and quick recipes. Soon, we discovered that most resources assumed prior cooking knowledge and these recipes had a fair amount of guess work, that’s pretty confusing for a new chef!

So, I decided to put together my personal “go-to recipes” that are easy, healthy and cater to busy lives and have been my lifesaver. I’ve been cooking authentic Punjabi, Mughlai (north-Indian cuisines) and popular global recipes for family & friends for over two decades now! Most of these recipes have been passed on to me by my grandmother, my mom and my mother-in-law. Over the years, I have simplified my recipes so that they require minimal hands-on time and require almost no babysitting.  I am big on one-pot/pan meals, pressure cooking and grilling. With a few key spices, pictures and videos for reference, and totally legit shortcuts, these recipes produce consistent results,  and most importantly, they can be made in 30 MINUTES or less.  These recipes are ideal for weeknight dinners with creative options for leftover lunches, work great for entertaining, and are fail-safe for new cooks.

On an average day, I’m juggling project deadlines, client meetings and kids activities, which leaves me with very little energy and time to plan meals. Age has also made me conscious of healthier and low-carb choices. So, my cooking style now reflects healthy, customizable cooking that can be done quick and easy. I use these recipes for entertaining too, without having to spend an entire day cooking a spread. Spice Cravings is a humble effort to share my culinary journey through these recipes and techniques with all of you- because recipes only get better when shared! 


My Latest Recipes