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Instant Pot Ultra Review by Spice Cravings

A friend was setting up her kitchen recently. She asked me for a list of my favorite and most-used cookware. That turned out to be quite a reality check for me. In the end, I not only gave her my list, but also donated a gazillion pots and pans that I hadn’t used in quite sometime. Here is the list I shared with her:

Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker): I am big on pressure cooking. My newest gadget has replaced my trusted & reliable, grandmother approved Hawkins pressure cooker. I love using it because it makes food taste like it’s been cooking for hours… in a good way; and, I don’t have to monitor it.  I call it my fill it, shut it, forget it, gadgetI cook with it so much that I bought the Instant Pot Mini too!  Read more about Instant Pot here. Click here for some of my favorite Instant Pot Recipes .

Nonstick Crepe Pan: I use this to make rotis, pancakes, stuffed flatbreads, dosas, paninis, french toast and of course, crepes!

Sauce Pan 2.5-Qt: This small size sauce pan is perfect to make one-pot meals for 1 or 2, like rice & Lentils, chicken biryani, pasta, chili etc.. I also use it to make rice, quinoa, ghee (clarified butter), red lentils and much more.

8-Inch and 10-Inch Fry Pan: I use these pans everyday! The 8 inch is perfect for any kind of egg breakfast or even french toasts. The 10-inch is perfect for sautéing, pan-grilling fish, meat or poultry. This works great for a 2-person pasta meal. I love making kebabs in this pan.  It fits 6 kebabs at a time, depending on the size.

Pasta Pot with Strainer: This pot makes draining pasta a breeze and it’s wide enough that I can mix the sauce with pasta without breaking the pasta. I like non-stick pasta pots because if you add cheese to the sauce, it doesn’t stick to the pan and clean-up is much easier. Anything to make life easy!

Nonstick Chef’s Pan 4-Qt with lid: This is my stove-top replacement pan for a pressure cooker. I use this to cook all my stove-top versions of my pressure cooker recipes! Great room to stir things around. This pan is deep, which reduces splatter on the stove-top, which means less clean-up for me- that’s always a bonus!

Will be adding more soon, so don’t forget to check back!

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