My Pantry

Spices, or commonly known as Masala, form the foundation of Indian cooking. There are some spice blends that I put together myself, like Garam Masala. While freshly ground spices enhance the taste of any dish, it does take some time and effort to make them yourself. So, as long as you’re buying quality spice blends and storing them in a cool and dry place, the pre-packaged ones work just as well. This is one of those short-cuts that you won’t have to feel guilty about.

Thanks to the popularity of Indian cuisine, you can find these Indian spices in Indian grocery stores, ethnic food aisle of your local supermarket (Safeway, Target, Whole Foods), or order them online from pantry is always stocked up with 7 key ground spices:

I also keep in hand some whole spices like:

I stock up on cans of beans- Garbanzo, Kidney, Pinto and tomato- diced and paste. I always have a jar of Tamarind paste from the Indian or Thai food aisle. It gives a nice tang to some curries and comes in handy for making “Meethi-Imly Saunth”(Sweet Tamarind dip), a popular accompaniment with savory snacks. Fried onions are another ingredient that I keep handy- that’s one of my secrets to getting the “slow-cooked for hours” flavor in under 30 minutes! My pantry would be incomplete without a variety of dried beans and lentils, Flattened Rice (Poha), Besan (Chickpea flour), Basmati Rice- White and Brown, and Quinoa.

With a well stocked pantry, I can whip up a meal or two, even if I had no other fresh ingredients. Lifesaver!

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