About Spice Cravings

How it all Started?

Spice Cravings started as an online recipe book for my kids-  to empower them with one of the essential life skills- COOKING!  When my kids expressed interest in learning how to make everyday food, we looked for recipes that were simple and quick.

We went through countless books, blogs and videos. Soon, we discovered that most resources assumed prior cooking knowledge and these recipes had a fair amount of guess work.  That’s pretty confusing for a new cook!

So, I put together my personal go-to recipes, that are quick, easy and healthy.  These recipes have been my lifesaver, for almost two decades now!  Most of my recipes require minimal hands-on time and require almost no-babysitting.  I am big on one-pot/pan meals and pressure cooking.

Easy & Doable for a New Cook

With a few key spices, step-by-step instructions, pictures and videos for reference, and totally legit shortcuts, these recipes produce consistent results, even for a new cook

Most importantly, they can be made in 30 MINUTES or less of active cooking time.  Even the ones that take a bit longer than 30, are so worth the extra time!  

Healthy Weeknight Meals

These recipes are ideal for weeknight dinners with creative options for leftover lunches.  They work great for entertaining too.  On an average day, I’m juggling project deadlines, client meetings and kids activities, which leaves me with very little energy and time to plan meals.  Age has also made me conscious of healthier and low-carb choices.  So, my cooking style now reflects healthy, customizable cooking that can be done quick and easy.  I use these recipes for entertaining too, without having to spend an entire day cooking a spread. 

My Culinary Journey

I started cooking in my early teens, by helping my mom in the kitchen.  I inherited my mother’s cooking style and recipes for traditional north Indian Punjabi food.  Typical Punjabi recipes use seasonal produce and fresh farm ingredients. From Butter Chicken to stuffed Parathas (flatbreads) to Makki Di Roti & Saag (seasoned mustard greens with cornmeal flatbread), it offers plenty of choices for vegetarians as well as meat lovers.

I learned from my mother that one doesn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to make these tasty and healthy meals. And boy, did that come in handy! Thanks Mum!

Life, Travels & Motherhood!

My journey in life, my travels and most importantly, motherhood has had a big influence in my kitchen and made me evolve as a cook.

Early Life:  When I started working, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel world-wide for work.  That widened my palette and knowledge about food.  Every week, I would bring home new ingredients, would look up recipe books and make my own versions of international classics.

New Beginnings:  I got married and moved to United States, where my husband was studying.  While living on campus, we made friends from all over the world.  Exchanging family recipes and cooking together on weekends made some beautiful memories and life-long friends!

Motherhood: When my twins were born, I barely had 20- 30 minutes to make meals for the whole day. That led me to turn slow-cooked classics into 30 minute meals, with minimal babysitting.  I still remember the first time I made Chicken Biryani in the oven – Touchdown!

Cooking With My Kids

In our home, we’re all big-time foodies!  My husband and I got the girls involved in the kitchen from very early on.  One of my sweetest memories of cooking with them is when my girls were 4 or 5 years old, we would play “Iron-Chef” at home.  They would use their toy-basket and pull together random ingredients from the pantry and fridge and my task would be to incorporate them in a meal :).  That’s how we got started on fusion cooking and ended up with dishes like Biryani Arancini, Samosa Pinwheels, Fish Tikka Tacos and more.

With Spice Cravings, I hope to share these quick and easy, healthy and delicious home cooking recipes with my family, friends and you all, because recipes only get better when shared! 

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